Origami paper guide: Where to buy, Basic origami designs for beginners

There always has been a time when your friend showed a great weapon, tool or toy. These designs are made with just simple paper folding techniques. Such designs are made from origami paper which is more or less resistant to tearing on the fold creasings. The origami papers are not so different looking for normal papers.

Before we move forward to origami papers and discuss it in detail, Let’s talk about some questions:

What is origami?’

How to make origami?’

‘Simple origami designs for beginners.’

‘How to make origami star?’ and many more…

These are some of the most asked questions by people who are just introduced to origami. Origami and Kirigami are two different forms of art which are many a time confused by people. So, without wasting any time, let’s start our guide for beginners.

What is origami art?

Origami is made up of two sub-words ‘ori’ and ‘gami’. ‘Ori’ means “folding”, and kami meaning “paper”, Later ‘kami’ was changed to ‘gami’ because of Rendaku (ref). So, Origami is the art of paper folding which is usually linked with Japanese culture. The word ‘origami’ is used as a term for all folding practices, regardless of their culture of origin. The main goal of the origami art is to transform a flat sheet of paper into a finished sculpture through folding techniques without cutting the paper.

If the sculpture requires cutting of the paper to make the finished product, the finished sculpture will be known as a combination of Origami and Kirigami art. Such combination produced sculptures and designs are helpful in many artistic and engineering fields.

Origami is a very well known art among artists and engineers, because of low cost, high durability designs which can be produced using origami.

I’m sure, even if you are a kid, you might have heard about satellites. The satellites are sent outside the atmosphere of the earth to orbit around it to collect geographical dates, communication, and other goals.

The modern satellites are integrated with origami-inspired solar panels. These designs are originally small in size and expand in size when actuated. This expansion of the solar panels is only made possible because of the origami art.

Where to Buy Origami Paper?

Origami Paper is a special paper used to make complex origami designs. Origami paper more or less looks like a normal paper but has a very high resistance to tearing on the creases. This capability of the paper helps the artists to make complex designs without worrying about the cracks or durability of the sculpture.

Origami paper alternative:

If you are feeling lazy to go out and buy the origami paper, you can make one for yourself at home. You just need silicon which is a rubber-like stuff which can be used to make a paper waterproof and crack proof. You just need to mix part A and part B of silicon- 30 in 1:1. This will make any normal paper good for complex origami designs and enhance the durability of your structure.

If you are ready to go out or maybe order online, you can go through the following list for ‘where to best to buy origami paper?’:



Origami paper Walmart‘, This is what comes to my mind when I think about buying origami paper. Walmart is one of the best stores to go out and buy the best performing, cheap origami papers. Every country has a Walmart available for shopping both in-store and online.

I usually go to one the Walmart stores near my house and buy a pack of origami paper for 1.89$. Even the quality of origami paper available there is good to work with. The pack I buy has 25 sheets with different colours and sheets are waterproof.


Amazon is one of the biggest online e-commerce portals to buy good and cheap branded products. You can buy good quality of origami papers from there. They have an origami paper listing with 500 sheets for 16$, if you are highly interested in origami and kirigami.

Just go to Amazon.com, sorts the products with your requirements. Choose the size of sheets, type of sheets, number of sheets and boom order it. It will be usually around 3-4$ for 50-70 sheets of the Origami paper depending on the size of the sheets.

Art Friend

I guess many of you might not be knowing about this option. Because they have fewer outlets as compared to the above two options. But, If you have one of these near your house, you are the luckiest.

Art Friend is the best store for art-loving people out there. They have almost every a to z thing which is needed for any kind of art. They have more than 100 types of origami papers with different variations. Different size, patterns, colours, texture, stiffness etc. they have all the variations.

Just go out to Art Friend and get lost in the world of art. Take limited money with you, otherwise, you are gonna empty your wallet. Especially, if you are an art lover.

Any stationary shop…

If you are out in a less populated area, you need to find a good stationary shop near you. Go and search if good quality origami papers are available. Or you can request the shop owner to bring it for you when they go to refill the stock.

Basic Origami Designs for the beginners

I’m here sharing some basic designs for the beginners. Following are some best and easy designs:

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