✅ Fixed ✅ My iPhone Screen Doing Things on its Own

iPhone screen’s misbehaviour or touch disease is one of the most faced issues on Apple devices. In this, the iPhone screen starts to do things on its own without even users touching the screen. This problem can occur in any model of Apple’s iPhone from iPhone 4 to iPhone XS Max. Most of the users search this error like:

  • My iPhone is doing things on its own, How to Fix?
  • iPhone screen doing things on its own solution?
  • iPhone typing by itself

If you have query related to any of the above questions/queries, you have arrived at a good place to find a perfect zero cost solution. This issue is also known as touch disease. In this problem, your iPhone’s screen starts to perform tasks on its own. iPhone starts to type itself, iPhone opening apps on its own, iPhone screen glitching, etc.

Reason for iPhone Screen Doing Things on its Own?

There are different possibilities for this problem to occur. Some of the reasons are listed below:

iPhone’s screen is bent

The newer iPhone’s are getting slimmer and slimmer with every upcoming model. The slimmer versions of the iPhone make it victim to easy bending of the iPhone including the screen. Due to the bending of the screen, the touch chips inside the phone start to disconnect from the logic board. This loose connection results in misbehaving of the iPhone’s screen. You can check if your phone is bent by placing it on a flat surface and check from a side.

Overcharging your device

If you keep your device to charge overnight or for long hours without checking on your charge, you are doing it wrong. You need to keep an eye on your iPhone to prevent overcharging it.

Overcharging your iPhone has adverse effects on your device’s battery and input/output ports like connections on logic board. So, always prevent your phone from getting overcharged.

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Static charge on your body

It is possible that the user who is operating the iPhone has some static charge on his/her hand. So, when the hand comes near to the iPhone screen even before finger touches the screen, due to static charge, the iPhone screen starts doing things on its own. This possibly happens when the user is wearing silk clothing or gets a static charge from the static object.

iPhone is on charging while using

If you are charging and using your iPhone at the same time, it is possible your iPhone will type itself due to charge leak inside the phone body. This reason is only applied if the charging adapter is not original that comes in the box. As the current and voltage rating is set by the manufacturer. You need to double check the adapter rating before using it with your phone.

This problem is not limited to the iPhone but can occur in any device from a phone, mp3 player to a laptop. You need to check the voltage/current ratings before using any adapter with your device.

How to Fix ‘My iPhone Screen Doing Things on its Own’?

There are different solutions available for this problem from zero cost solutions to 200$ screen replacement. Without wasting any more time, let’s get started with fixing the issue.

Restart and other essential noobs’ fix

If you encounter this issue for the very first time, you are new to ‘iPhone typing by itself’, You should go for the noobs’ fix. Follow the fixes in the order:

  • Restart your iPhone and check if your iPhone starts to follow your instructions again.
    Ps. How to swipe the turn off toggle on the screen if the screen is not responding, then you need to long press the power button till the screen goes off.
  • The restart method didn’t work? You need to check your charging adapter’s rating. If you are using a higher rating adapter you are screwed.
  • If you feel a static charge on your body, You can discharge it by touching some other metallic objects and try again using your iPhone.

Not able to fix your iPhone from typing itself, you can move forward to the advanced level.

Reset your device without losing any data

If the noobs’ fix doesn’t work for you, You need to go with the advanced fix and reset your device. For this, you should prefer a pc/mac.

Before you go for this method, try using the hard restart method first. For hard restart, just press power and home button together till you see the apple logo on your screen.

Still facing the issue? Go for the method mentioned below:

  1. Connect your iPhone to the PC using the lightning cable (original cable please!).
  2. Open iTunes and take the backup of your data.
  3. Go to Settings >> General >> Reset >> Erase All Content and Settings.
  4. Once the reset is done, Restore the backup using iTunes on your PC.
  5. It should work completely fine <3

Still can’t fix it? Aarrghhhhhh!!! Continue to the Pro fix.

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Phuck it! ‘iPhone Screen Doing Things on its Own’ Get it out of it! Pro FIX!

Are you frustrated now? Don’t worry it is will definitely get fixed in this method.

I have two solutions.

One is free with some risk and another one is paid. Don’t Panic!

Undo the bend

To go forward with this fix, you need to check if your phone is actually bent. Just keep the phone on a flat surface. Once screen up and other time screen facing down. Check for any bends very carefully.

Wherever you see the curve, just put both of the thumbs at that point on the outer side of the curve. and try to apply some pressure. BE GENTLE! Don’t kill it.

It should get straighten up pretty easily.

Try hard reset (Long press power + home button) once again and try your luck.

I’m a pussy cat method

haha! Just kidding.

This is the last way out.

Just take your phone to an Apple authorized service station and explain the shit happening with your iPhone screen. Explain to them how the hell iPhone screen is typing itself.

They will charge you a sum of 200$ approx and change the shit out of your screen. BOOM!!

You have your iPhone’s screen finally fixed.


‘iPhone screen doing things on its own’ is the weirdest error to be faced by an iPhone user but yes it is very common. People are looking for the perfect solution around the internet. I have compiled this detailed guide on the possible reasons and solutions to fix it for free as well as paid. I hope you like the guide.

If anyone of you fixed it in some other way, please comment it down for others.

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